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Emily Dickinson.

Emily Dickinson


The Lyre Bird.

The Lyre Bird seems like a pretty awesome bird. I never thought in a millon years a bird could do so many things. I mean come one immaiting a chain saw? Thats awesome! The mammals of our nature have awesome skills that us people don’t really know anything about. These birds are  Australian birds, which explains why you don’t see them america because america has lame animals compared to foreign countries.

In today’s time to be a part of the media you have to have some sort of plastic surgey to be “beautiful”. A actress or a actor need to have the “look” so the media will except them which is wrong is many ways  because God made you the way you are for a reason. Young girls worry about having  a thin body which concludes to eating disorders & being  bulimic.

A wonderful example Paris Hilton, before her career she was a pretty young girl that didn’t change a thing about her body.. but one thing changed she had to be accepted by the media so she could see herself as having the perfect body..

Witches today.

The picture above in todays world would be classified as having green faces and broomsticks. In 1692 back in Salem  witches would  be if you “cast a spell” on someone that it’s from Satan.  The puritans belived  if you danced to music ” OH GOSH YOUR A WITCH”  let’s just say witches are different today then they was back in Purtian day.

If I lived in Salem around 1692 I’d probally be dead,because you get accused of being a witch if you look at someone the wrong way, or haven’t liked someone since we were little. Salem went crazy if you were a witch, you’d be hunged or jail. Seriously? I thought these were Puritan Christain people. They always thought Satan had everything thing to do when everything went wrong. I was satisfied with my results I mean come on I got FREE!

I got seven right which I thought was easy but in the outcome it didn’t turn out that way. The way I tried to figure it out was by thier facial and skin but I guess some Indians look like Asian nowadays. Now wouldn’t Asians have crazy eyes and be white not long,black hair and have a nice tan year around? ……..  Yeah thats what I thought too. My thinking could be wrong at all times some might be hispanic but they’re actually white..  Yes but of course it’s important Racism is the worst these days than it ever has before so no judgeing allowed. 🙂

I’m very new to this blogging ordeal, so this would be the first time I’ve ever blogged on a assignment.  It seems extrememly fun that I look foward to it. 🙂